The Harp School, Inc.

Carol McClure, Artistic Director

Come Join Us

We hope you have taken the time to read these few pages, and view the photographs. So much more could be written, and for every image shared, there are scores more. This is just our introduction.

This is also The Harp School's invitation to join us, for music study that embraces and enriches the whole of each student's life. For the opportunity for each student to excel, to grow, to build lifelong friendships; to embrace opportunities otherwise beyond reach, to learn how to create great music through world-class teaching and diligent study.

It is the opportunity of a lifetime. Come join us.

Just click on the 'folder' icon at the top right, and leave us the information needed to contact you.

Admission is based upon an interview process with both the potential student and at least one parent (in the case of a minor child). We want to make certain a potential student and the student's family are making an informed decision before the work begins.

During our interview process, we look for aptitude, 'teachability', work ethic, and social skills that enable a student to work in co-operation with peers and teachers. We look for those qualities that hold promise of success, and work with students and families to achieve it.

Come join us!

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