The Harp School, Inc.

Carol McClure, Artistic Director

University Preparation

The journey from middle school to university entrance proceeds quickly, more quickly than most families anticipate. If a student intends to pursue higher education, the senior year is spent in the university admissions process, with its momentous (and potentially expensive) decisions.

It is stressful, even in good circumstances. If the family and student have not prepared for this process, it can be a grim experience.

The past few years have seen Harp School students accept offers at Carnegie-Mellon, Curtis Institute, Oberlin College and Conservatory, Cambridge University, University of Louisville, Union University, University of Kentucky, DePauw University, Texas Christian, Samford University, Western Kentucky University, Michigan State, Cleveland Institute of Music, American University--just to name a few. Most of these students chose their schools from a list of attractive offers. All were awarded substantial scholarships based upon their profiles, and incurred much less student debt than their classmates. In some cases, the debt load was zero.

Since student loans are non-dischargeable, e.g., excluded from liabilities that may be listed in bankruptcy proceedings, and are now owed directly to the US federal government, education debt is a substantial risk to the future of students and their families. Thorough preparation and expert guidance help mitigate that risk.

The Harp School assists families (who choose to participate in the University Preparation program) by helping them think ahead, to plan ahead, to prepare now for senior year. We have a network of colleagues and years of experience that high school guidance counselors generally cannot offer, and we know how to match students to opportunities. It is not magic, it requires work, and there can be no guarantees offered concerning outcomes. That said, we have delivered years of impressive results, even with families who are sending a child to university for the first time in the family's history.

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