The Harp School, Inc.

Carol McClure, Artistic Director

The Harp School, Inc. Carol McClure, Artistic Director

Parents, university admissions committees, professional musicians and audience members encounter Harp School students and aumni, and questions follow--quickly.

'Who are these kids? How do they do it? These young people perform beyond their years, with true insight into the music, with confidence, in any number of styles. The technique is beautiful. They can play any scale in any number of permutations. They can function in ensembles, They can sightread. Many play multiple instruments. They know how to sing. They field multiple offers from top schools as they apply to universities.'

'How does this happen? '

'Who is their teacher, who is Carol McClure?'

And parents, especially, ask: 'How can we make this happen for our children?'

If you are one of those parents (or students) asking that question, welcome. The Harp School, Inc. has much to offer.

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