The Harp School, Inc.

Carol McClure, Artistic Director


Technique matters. There are no shortcuts. Perfect practice makes perfect.

We teach proper technique from the first lesson, because proper technique gives a musician the tools to perform with confidence, fluency, emotional depth, to find both his/her own voice as well as the composer's voice, and communicate both to an audience.

There are no shortcuts. Music is a joyful discipline, but it is a discipline--as much or more than athletics, maths, sciences, or other arts.

There are no shortcuts, but there is a proven path to follow.

For almost all students, the journey begins in The Angel's Harp curriculum, created by Carol McClure. Created from decades of teaching experience and research, it is a unique approach that develops foundational technique while instroducing aural training and music reading skills. The Angel's Harp is a proprietary method, available only to Harp School students and certified Harp School teachers.

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