The Harp School, Inc.

Carol McClure, Artistic Director

ABRSM Summer Harp Academy

The 2015 meeting of Summer Harp Academy was held at the historic Clement Museum in Dickson Tennessee, featuring daily recitals and masterclasses on competition preparation. Previous scenic venues include Clifty Falls State Resort Park in Madison, Indiana. Beginning with a brave handful of students meeting at a seminary in Louisville in 2003, this event has grown rapidly in both size and scope, serving hundreds of students from around the US and the world.

Guests artists and lecturers have included harpists Skailia Kanga, Elinor Bennett, Helen Arnold, Jana Bouskova, along with conductors Tim Sharp, Greg Wheatley and Sarah MacDonald--just to mention a few. The interaction between ambitious students and accomplished artists is a hallmark of Summer Harp Academy--everyone, from the most beginning to the most advanced, 'rubs elbows' with the artists. We see lives inspired and transformed in the process.

It is an intensive week of study, ensembles, concerts, masterclasses, coaching sessions--and great fun and fellowship. Please feel free to persue the photos on this page to get a sense of the event.

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