The Harp School, Inc.

Carol McClure, Artistic Director

Competition Preparation

We live in a competitive world, in every field, especially in music.

Music competitions focuses effort, and brings out the best in a student. It demands exactitude and discipline from the student, expertise and wisdom from the teacher, and appropriate support and encouragement from the family. When all elements are in place, extraordinary opportunities for learning, personal growth, travel, friendships and public recognition arise.

There are no guarantees that can be offered to any particular student about any particular competition.

However, the process of preparation, correctly pursued, and kept in appropriate context with the complete life of the student and family, yields wonderful benefits. Students and families who embrace that process reap great rewards, regardless of official posted results at the end of a competition.

Harp School students have won or participated in final rounds of competitions sponsored by Music Teachers National Association, Cambridge Young Musicians Trust, Nashville Symphony Guild, WUOL Public Radio, American Harp Society, Young Artists Harp Seminar, NAfME Honors Ensembles, American String Teachers Association, and American Guild of Organists. Internationally, they have participated in the Lily Laskine Competition (Paris, France), and the Wales International Harp Competition (Canaerfon, Wales, UK).

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