The Harp School, Inc.

Carol McClure, Artistic Director

Associated Board Examinations

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, headquartered in London, is the world's leading music examination authority. Administering over 650,000 examinations annually in 93 countries, ABRSM is the international gold standard in music assessment.

Exams are consistent and rigorous, and motivate students to achieve as they prepare to present their work to a distinguished examiner who has travelled from the UK to hear them.

Exam levels range from very beginning through post-grad expectations.

The Harp School uses ABRSM to document progress, to reward achievement, and to encourage and motivate students. The examiners are distinguished musicians who are trained to both evaluate and encourage students. They bring an international point of view to the work of the Harp School, and validate and guide our work.

Harp School students, after years of sitting ABRSM exams, perform with confidence when auditioning and interviewing for university entrance. They enter the audition room with a solid track record of achievment and experience, performing under pressure to juries of complete strangers.

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